Land of Mystery

Fjord region, Norway

Here’s another image from our latest trip to Norway. This is what I call an RR-image. RR-image stands for Rapid Respons image. ’RR-images’ can pop-up anywhere, often in the most unlikely places when you least expect it. They often get you by surprise and need swift action if not to be missed. RR-images are unplanned, unforeseen images and well, they are often what makes our job great. They are the icing on the cake. This is a typical one. While traveling from one location to the next, Janneke and I were driving trough the Fjord region in Norway, unaware of what was around the next corner. It had rained a lot during the night and with temperatures being high, it was a damp and moist morning. We had packed all our gear and were just enjoying the route and that’s when it happened. Just around the corner a small lake appeared, surrounded by dense forest with fog hanging above the water and on the slopes. The tranquil scene could have come right out of a fantasy movie. In a few seconds we would enter the next tunnel and the whole scene would disappear. I knew RR was needed. In a spit second I screened the road, looking for a spot to park our car, while looking in the rear-view mirror to make sure we weren’t causing a rear-end collision while hitting the brakes. The next second I steered to the right, just managing to avoid the traffic barrier as we drove on a small parking space just before we would enter the tunnel. As I shut down the engine, Janneke looked at me in a way I’d better not describe…Yes, it’s fun having me as a driver. So, was it worth it? Well, here’s the ’RR-image’. I hope it was..have a great weekend everyone!

Fjord Norway Bas Meelker Landscape Photography

[exif id=”6415″]

4 Responses to RR-images

  • Rijko Ebens

    Fantastic mood. I like the RR-image concept and will look forward to possible scenes for this when I am on holidays in the USA during September.


  • Niels

    Great photo with a great story! Especially like the part about Janneke’s look after your RR parking action 🙂

    • Bas Meelker

      Hi Niels, thanks and Janneke also managed to get some great shots so big smiles everywhere!

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