Winter is here

Rural Groningen, The Netherlands
Winter is here

It’s great to finally have some winter conditions again. I almost started thinking we would have a snowless winter. Fortunately, I needn’t have worried. Winter is here. At least here in the north of the Netherlands. Drive 50 kilometers south from Groningen city and snow is nowhere to be found. But up here, winter has done it’s job. All be it for just a couple of days. Yesterday was white but with overcast skies, but today the sun broke through and gave us a beautiful winter’s day with great blue skies and clouds.

The House & The Sky - Rural Groningen, The Netherlands
The House & The Sky

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For a landscape photographer snow is a magical thing. It turns even the dullest landscape into a beautiful scenery. Throw in some great light and we’re happy campers. I’ve spent the most part of the day in rural Groningen, driving from one location to another, stopping and shooting along the way. To say I had a great day is an understatement. These are the kind of days why I became a fulltime landscape photographer in the first place. Getting up early, knowing you’ll be out in the field for the most part of the day. No obligations, no deadlines, no desk work. Just me, my camera, a cup of coffee and nothing but skies, landscapes and light. I’ve seen worse days.

White Blanket - Rural Groningen, The Netherlands
Winter Blanket

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Bas Meelker Landscape Photography
White Days

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6 Responses to Winter is here

  • Bram

    Klasse gezien weer, echt jouw ding om van zo iets eenvoudigs toch een pracht plaat te maken.

  • Huub+Koen

    Bas, echt weer hele mooie plaatjes. In Noord Holland niets van dit alles!
    Gebruik je hier nu nog grijs- of grijsverloopfilters?

    • Bas Meelker

      Hoi Huub, Dank je! En nee, in dit geval was het niet nodig. Grijs verloop filters zijn niet nodig omdat de sneeuw zoveel licht reflecteert dat de belichting in dit soort situaties nauwelijks uitgebalanceerd hoeft te worden. Groeten, Bas

  • peter nadort

    Hallo Bas,

    Heel mooi werk van je gezien op je site. Heb dan ook de vrijheid genomen om je toe te voegen op G+ om verdere foto’s van jou te kunnen bekijken. Groet, Peter

    • Bas Meelker

      Hallo Peter,

      Hartelijk dank voor je reactie!


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