Image licensing and commissioned work


Bas Meelker supplies a wide variety of national and international commercial clients with his images. Bas has been working as a full-time professional landscape photographer since 2008 and is well-known for his striking and bolt style of photography. If you are looking for licensed images from our portfolio or image library or you would like us to take care of your commissioned work, we are happy to fulfill your imaging needs at competitive prices. For any questions on image licensing or commissioned work, please use the contact form below.


  • National Geographic
  • Wereld Natuur Fonds
  • Canon Nederland
  • Canon Europa
  • Canon Azië
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Hakuhodo Communications Asia PTE LTD
  • Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum
  • Uber Netherlands BV
  • ANWB
  • Staatsbosbeheer
  • Scriptum Publishers
  • Blauw Media Uitgeverij B.V.
  • Marketing Groningen
  • Waterschap Reest en Wieden
  • Plus Magazine
  • Vereniging Natuurmonumenten
  • Opthec BV
  • Elsevier
  • VARA TV-Magazine
  • Computer Idee
  • Zoom Magazine
  • Thabasco
  • DSM
  • Impulse Graphic Design
  • Focus Magazine
  • Lannoo uitgeverij
  • Vara’s vroege vogels
  • Het Parool
  • Senza Communications
  • Noordelijk Scheepvaart Museum
  • Tour de Wadden
  • Noorderland
  • OV Bureau Groningen-Drenthe
  • Lab21
  • Algemeen Dagblad
  • Stichting Het Groninger Landschap
  • Provincie Zuid-Holland
  • Provincie Groningen
  • Provincie Drenthe
  • Provincie Friesland

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Bas Meelker’s work is also featured in the image libraries of Getty Images, Kina, the Dutch press agency ANP.