Bas Meelker


Bas Meelker

Bas Meelker (1972) is a well-known Dutch landscape photographer from Groningen. He feels strongly connected to the northern part of the country where he was born and raised and still lives. In this flat, open country, surrounded by some of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands, the basis for his unbridled passion for nature and landscapes was laid. Having a background in internet marketing, webdesign and sales Bas was on his way to becoming a successful internet entrepreneur.

In 2002 his career took an unexpected turn when he first came in contact with photography. In photography, Bas discovered a way to communicate his passion for nature and landscapes. In 2007 he started his professional career as a landscape photographer. Today, Bas is recognized as one of the best Dutch landscape photographers of his time. His work is internationally famed for its dramatic impact. ‘Less is more’, intense colours and strong compositions are distinctive for his pictures.

Bas is an ambassador for Canon Nederland, Benro, Shimoda en Sunwayfoto.



Bas’ pictures are rewarded in national and international photo competitions, amongst these: 

  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2008-2009 (finals)
  • Nature’s Best 2008 (finals)
  • International Loupe Awards 2012: Gold Award (category Science & Nature)
  • International Loupe Awards 2014: 2 x Bronze Award (categories Science & Nature and Landscape)
  • Monochrome Photography Awards 2014: Honorable Mention in Professional Landscape Category 
  • International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014: 3rd place.

TV en Video


His work has been published all over the world for a broad range of media (e.g. books, magazines, newspapers, digital media).  In 2011 he published his first book “Landscape and architecture”. He writes for several photographic magazines and digital media.

Bas appears on a regular basis as a guest on several tv shows, broadcasted nationally.

Ochtendmist boven de Makkummerplas bij Weister met twee grauwe ganzen.


Workshops and presentations

Bas is an enthusiastic speaker. As no other he is able to fascinate his audience about his passion of landscape photography. He is often invited to talk about his work by business organizations and photo clubs in the Netherlands and abroad.

Throughout the year Bas organizes workshops. These are off highly regarded. He enjoys to teach and motivate his students in order to raise their photographic skills and knowledge. 

As of 2020 he hosts a few fototrips abroad in co-operation with 

Bas Meelker Photography



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